Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 21, 2012

....and we stay in Monterrey! New transfers....

Hey y'all, sorry about the delay. I didn't have time to write yesterday from a zone activity we had.  Our week was great! I think a lot of it prepared us for this next change.  In our area, we didn't see many results from our work. I would not say I'm discouraged, but I am disappointed. We worked very, very hard.  But I'm always compelled to the promise that the blessings come after the trials. I look forward to this next change!!!
Other than that the zone did awesome this change! President Romney offered to all the zones in the mission to pay for a zone activity if we reached a certain percentage of results of baptism and confirmation. Us, and one other zone in Coahuila reached the goal and we were able to go to the incredible pizza place again. The missionaries had a great time and are ready to start another change.  Well, it's early Tuesday morning and we're just about to head out to the bus station for transfers. As for my companion and I, the Lord needs us to stay here another change! We're extremely excited for this change!!  Talk to you next week,  Elder Warner 

Excuse my delay, I hate having you anxiously wait to hear if I'm alive or not.
Here I am! Well, as you have heard the news, we had changes. There are only a few changes in the zone.  One of my best friends from the MTC, Elder Nelson, is coming to my zone!  It is nothing short of inspiration that we are going to be in the same zone that he has already been in once. I love the kid as one of my best friends.  Right now, we're about to head out to the transfer site. I'm really hoping I see Elder Hemsley!!! That might just be one of the reasons I'm so excited to go over there.
Well, I'm really happy right now. Things are going well and I know of a surety that everything that is right now, is what it's supposed to be.  I'm really happy with the zone results!  I don't want to brag at all, don't take it like that, but we nearly  tripled our zone percentage of outcome!  They say this is one of the more "difficult" zones.  I don't believe that word exists or differs one from another.  Things are going awesome.  I'm really excited to tear this change up!
Love you dearly, sweet mother!
Two hard working missionaries taking a break for lunch!

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