Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 6 of Transfers, and Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers day to all!!!
I hope you all had an awesome weekend with one of the most incredible days of the year.  This week was packed.  Well, let's start off with our Mexico Mothers day (the 10th).  To explain from the beginning, we haven't had many results this change. But I think we have worked definitely as hard as we could and tried to be as creative as possible.  On Mothers day we strapped on the old "worldly" jeans and shoes. We had a member sew us some aprons and in place of a Book of Mormon, we walked around with a broom and a mop.  We dedicated the whole day to serving the mothers here on their special day. We didn't have many results as far as investigators, but we don't doubt we made a lot of mothers days by sweeping, mopping, and even washing their cats.  Also, we had a good birthday party Friday night. We decided on teriyaki burgers. It was a looong process but when we finally had them done, they were awesome. The cake as well, as you see from the pan in the fire, took a little while also. But it turned out amazing!  Today we just got back from the temple, and driving back home on the bus was a dramatic contrast of what we had just experienced, and what a sample of heaven is like.  Other than that things are going very well.  We are on the last week of the change and will be looking forward to what these next days bring.
Love you all!
Elder Warner

HEY AGAIN MY SWEET MOTHER!!!  How are you doing, love!!!  Well, we have basically said it all, but I just want to let you know how much I loooved Sunday!!!  I really wish we would have done Skype before, but either way it was incredible  Well to be honest, I don't feel home sick at all. I feel very comfortable where I am and where we are. I will never forget these phone calls and am sad to know that we had our last one. I am so glad to know all you are fine, healthy, happy, and normal. Especially my old man. Love that guy!  I might have mentioned this last time but one of the greatest experiences with the home phone calls is feeling like our family has something extremely special. There is such a mature emotional bond between all of us that makes us very unique. We are able to see the small blessings and enjoy it. We have such a humble, down to earth family that I would never change for any thing in this whole world. I love my parents. My mom and dad. I love my sisters. And I love my cat.  We are an elect group of people put in each others lives for an incredible and precise reason.  You guys rock and I love you to death.  Thank you for giving me such a family as this.  Bry

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