Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week Six in Acuna - BAPTISM!

Do these 6 weeks of each change go by as fast for you as they do for me?
Well, here we are again. We had an awesome week here in Acuña to finish it off.
We celebrated by going to the border. We actually stepped on USA land. It's a dam close by to where we live that we went with the district a few hours ago. We were able to go over and take a few pictures but on the way back they saw that the scene was a little unusual- the guy we went with is a lawyer from Texas with his suit on, in a land rover, that had 2 white kids packed in it and one of the Mexican companions was in the very back of the car. When the soldiers pulled us out to check us, they were a little confused but we got back safe and sound.

For the other picture, this is 15 year old, Adreana. She is a miracle. She is extremely mature for her age and we met her with her testimony of the Gosple. She just barely got back from studying out of town with her aunt and uncle who are members of our faith. While the time she lived with them, she assisted consecutively the church every week. A few weeks after she came back a member gave us the reference. We visited her and gave her all the lessons she needed although she already knew it all. It was just a recap on it all. We invited her to be baptized the following week and there was no pause in accepting the invitation. It was a really big blessing and miracle the Lord put into our hands these past weeks. I personally think one day she will be the Relief Society president!

I'll share a little journal entry I wrote down this week:
A lot of this change I spent a lot of time waiting at the top of the most slightest inclined hills for my companion to trot up each of them.
As I waited patiently, each time I tried figuring out why he couldn't bike up the hills if his strengths are clearly capable of doing so.
After about 3 weeks, I was able to pick up his bike and feel the heavy weighted steel frame sitting on old rusty ball bearing wheels.
I was always so fortunate because of the feather light bike I bought and never took the time to compare the 2 bikes.
Afterwards, I realized that sometimes we don't understand the burdens that others carry because we don't take the time to figure out the cause.
From that moment on I made sure that I rode behind him before any approaching hill so I could walk by his side.
I love you all and wish you the best week, Elder Warner

HEY MOM!! Good afternoon, how are you? I hope you had an awesome week, mine was a good one.
I liked what you said about attitude and my next mass email will be focused on that.
I love the idea of the gratitude journal. Now I have three going.
I know that I need to start taking more pictures. Forgive me for not doing so. You will love seeing them all when I get home.
I jotted down a lot of my feelings about Jan. 11th (the day I left the MTC). What an incredible day that was that will forever be embedded in my heart. Hopefully I remember to take a picture next week so you can read it.
Well, a little about my week. A little story with it. So Friday night I got a call from the Assistants and Elder Combe picked up (one of my best friends and district leader in Piedras Negras). It was his last night in the mission, and he was heading out the next day to see his family in the Bahamas for a vacation. Well, that's part of the story. The other part is that afterward, my mind was wandering off a little about home and the family I miss. But I sat at my study desk and looked at a picture Brooke sent me that I printed off, of Michael and I as kids. Right next to it was one of my favorite pictures of Christ. As I looked at it, I had such an inspired feeling. Just one of those times where I was picked right back up by the support of my brother and Savior.
Small story but the feeling I felt was so comforting.
Ok dear, well I hope you have an amazing week, you know that I love you to death!

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