Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 4, NEW YEAR 2012!!

HEY EVERYONE, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! It still hasn't got to me that we are on 2012! This is going to be a huge year!
Well, this week, like all the others, was an awesome one. I feel like I learned a ton.

On Tuesday we had interviews with the President. We were the first area to have them because they dropped off their family members off in Texas and then just headed to our chapel. It was awesome.

Well, for New Years, we recieved instruction that we will work until its ineffective. We didn't really understand what that meant but as we were working, we got around seven o' clock and started seeing that 8 of 10 houses bought out the local store's beer supply. We took that as the answer and just visited members. Later on when we were going home the landlord was having a family party. They as well, having bought out the local store's beer supply, invited us to eat a few tacos so the District leader and his companion headed over and stayed the night at our beloved house. It was an awesome night we had to stay up till twelve then at about twelve o four we all just crashed.

One of the things I love about my area, branch and companion is that here I have really learned to recognize the small things. I think as a missionary, it's a little bit natural to live every day waiting for the huge life-changing transformaitions but what I have learned is that if you are too focused on that, you miss some of the most powerful, small, spiritual moments. It is good to always have this hope of a huge experience but if you balance it with the ability to see the small miracles that happen DAILY, life will be what you want it. Or in this case, the mission will be what the Lord makes it to be. Maybe it was just a little miracle that I was able to notice this fact.

I love you all, what a huge year to give all we have, to make meaningful goals and strive daily to complete them.

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