Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Resolutions

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! How did the first week of the year go?
It is about that time where we try to adapt the goals we just made to reality, saying that, "Well, maybe just one diet coke each week won't hurt anyone" STAY STRONG!
Here, we are doing very well. I have made a few goals of my own that I expect to accomplish before I head home.
Alot of these goals are things that I think only on a mission you can fully comprehend and perfect.
  • First off, as I wrote a little about in last weeks email, I want to be able to notice each of the little daily miracles that are performed in my life. (what better place to notice them than in the field?)
  • Second is simple, but can be a killer - remembering names! (You will never be so associated with as many people as you are on a mission.)
  • Third, a happy attitude, always (at home there are materialistic things or family that can put a smile on your face, but on the mission you are bone dry and are forced to search for the blessings that make you happy)
  • Fourth, the ability to listen with love. (do you think at any other place besides the mission you will be searching 10 hours each day to find people to listen to their trials and needs?)
  • Fifth, to always share at least 1 compliment. (with all the people you meet daily on the mission is the greatest opportunity to leave words behind that they will remember forever)
  • Sixth, making the best out of the worst. (There is no money paying job or life problem that exceeds the heartbreak times of working with the salvation of men.)
  • Seventh, is fighting my fears for the Lord. (there is no other time in my life that i will be expected to do what the Lord expects me to do right now)
Well, this list goes on but they are all revolved around simply forgetting myself. There is no greater value to someone than he that serves his family, neighbor, friend or whoever it be, before himself.
"When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God"
I love you all and I hope you have an awesome day today!
Elder Warner

How are you sweetie?!
I absolutely love this collage you sent, they are so fun!
Well, I hope I dont sound crazy as i write my head is just spinning and I have felt wronchy monchy this week.
Well, I can't believe it blew my mind to tell you that I did recieve all your letters. I can't remember if it was before Christmas but I did get them from you and dad and the kids! It was soo fun to read! I am also hoping I commented on the letter you wrote for me for Christmas because it was one of the most touching letters I have ever recieved on my mission. It was a good crying letter. Thank you so much for that. Dad's also was very nice.
I hope this doesn't come off as arrogant but I liked a little experience that happened when we went to eat with a member. So we were on divisions and there were 3 of us missionaries and when we went to eat, we were talking about missions and our individual time as missionaries. And so the member lady (x-missionary) asked who had the most time in the mission of us 3 and we asked her, "Who do you think?", and then she thought about it for a minute and responded that she thought I did. So we asked her why, and she said it is easy to tell because of the spiritual maturity of what a mission does to you. I only like the little story, not for the compliment, but for what a noticable difference the mission makes in the Lord's missionaries.
Well, on that note, about Rusbel. The last I heard, he started his papers a while back. So they should either be sending in or he should be waiting for his call - it's really delayed in Mexico. I will have to ask Elder Hemsley when I see him.
I will share a few of my resolutions in the mass email.
About the New Years resolution, I really like yours. How about you make it before November 3rd as your goal. I would like to get home and see the difference it made in you.
I love you dear, have an awesome Monday!!

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