Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 8, 2011

Transfer #5 to Monclova, Mexico

Hey all! So here it is, I'm about 4 hours out of my last area in a place called Monclova. Its in the same state, Cuahuila, therefore the same heat but drier. Here is the companion check it out, so I received my first child, or better yet infant! Our mission had a lot of missionaries go home and so we are at a lack of missionaries. So what they did is found some young men willing to serve with a missionary for 6 weeks in a few of the areas. The President threw me with one. He is an awesome kid, he's from Monterrey and is a convert at age 12- he turns 18 on Wednesday. This week was a little more difficult but we always get through with a smile.
The President had me open this area, with a fresh greenie. We do a lot of map searching, and still don't know a lot of the members. About every decision is in my hands but it has been a really good experience. Our ward is awesome and works really hard to help us. They have been a huge blessing. The people are about the same, we have someone right now who we got to church yesterday and has a baptism date for this week! We are really excited for him.
The house. Oh, the house. I’ll have to take pictures this week for you all.
This week started off different. I had been having a few stomach problems before the last change ended. I was alright till I got on the bus. We arrived at the house and were able to work until night. That night we slept very little because of the heat. The next day my head was spinning and my stomach was churning. We took a taxi to the district meeting and that did it. The motion sickness emptied me out. We got home and the mission president’s wife told me I had to stay in the house - the day after I got in my area. I had more than I could even think of to do on this day that I couldn't even sit up. We were blessed to be able to have the district leader help in my area while I was a home. Later on the bishop came over and gave me a blessing, I got out of bed a few hours later and finished the night working. It was a miracle.
Well a little about the area, here, the government does this lovely program where they only turn the water on in the whole town every other day. So one day we have water, the other is nothing but dry. We have to save up water in buckets for the following day so we can brush our teeth, wash dishes, and sometimes shower.
That's where we’re at for this week. All is well in my part of town! Love you all
Elder Warner

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