Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 1; Transfer 5

Well here we are at the end of another transfer. I reflected a lot on the few of the important things we accomplished this transfer. Although we didn't have much success on baptism, we had a baptism. He, Joel was confirmed a member of the church yesterday, and will be having an interview on Wednesday to receive the Priesthood this upcoming Sunday.  We looked back on the first of the transfer, and noticed that we had 6 new members actively attending.  A family with 2 boys and a mother and her son, in which were found through the guidance of the Spirit in contacting.  We scored with the first family, cause now they sign up on the feed the missionaries sheet.  But the mother and her son have been a miracle.  They are very active now, and the son of 16 years received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday.  He noted to the Bishop that his strongest desire is to baptize his dad, but he said, "I would like to baptize my dad before I leave on my mission".  I was touched to know because of this work, that kids whole future turned around, every goal, wish, and hope has been turned to the Gospel.  And who knows how many lives will have the same outcome once he enters the mission field.  Bety, our last convert, finished the Book of Mormon this week.  She is very committed and strong, and had made a new goal to read all of D&C in another 6 weeks. These are the happy endings of a period of 6 weeks. A testimony of what the work of the Lord does for his children.
I have studied the Atonement in depth these past few weeks. In which, has turned myself around to broaden the view of what I can do better as one of His servants. I still have hard days being in a new country with completely different lifestyle, when at home, things could be so much easier. But "he (Christ) left a throne to inherit a manger".   I have given up some things to be here, but, "he gave up wealth, power, dominion, and the fullness of his glory for what? For taunting, mocking, humiliation, and subjection."  I have realized what He expects me to sacrifice, and I have witnessed the blessings He had waiting on my action.
That's the best I can do to summarize what was merely happened in these 6 weeks, and look forward to starting the next.
I love you all, Elder Warner





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