Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 29, 2011

Week Four in Monclova

Buenos Tardes! How are you all today?? Here´s another week, don't know how it got here. I always sit here at the computer and think, wow, what just happened. The weeks fly by. This week was good, I have had the opportunity to get to know another companion. The first few days of a new companion always throw off the system because your used to teaching ways with the last companion. I'll say I have had plenty of Spanish practice. My companion generally only talks when we eat with the members. Other than that, I'm the only one dancing on stage. There is always a certain look that some of the people give me when they don't understand my American accent. It's similar to um, I am really confused, kind of face. That's when I turn to my companion to translate, he helps me out in those situations.

We have almost cleared out all the "previous investigators" of the closest areas. It's a section in the area book that has all the investigators that other missionaries have found but had to leave for various reasons. It's a lot more effective trying to see if we can pick up where other missionaries left off than contacting.

Right now we're working with someone named Salvador. Or in English, 'Savior'. The names here are always a little confusing. The most common you find here is the last name of "Mary of the Cross". They love it for some reason. Anyways, we worked last week with the 2nd counselor to visit people he knows in the area. We knocked a door with him but no one answered. The next day we decided to knock it again and found Salvador. As of right now, he´s a little difficult to find at times, drinks every day, but we got him to church. We are doing what we can to help him out.

I'm learning a lot with my new companion. He has been a lot of help. One of the things I have loved of this week is seeing his progression. I remember arriving to the first lunch hour with a member, and the member asked him when he was going on his mission. He told her, he wasn't. A few days later, another member asked the same thing. He responded with, "I dont know yet, we'll see." And a few days ago we had the question again. I listened as he said he´ll find out when he turns his papers in after these 2 weeks. That one made me smile!

I hope you all had a good week, and enjoy this upcoming one.
We'll talk to you shortly, Elder Warner

Dear Mom,
HEY LOVE! How are you? How was this last week for you? Mine was good! You asked if I like the area better. Each area has its challenges. And when the day comes to leave the area, looking back on how hard it was and wondering how I spent 3 months there, makes it worth it. This will be one of my hardest areas, but when that day comes I will rejoice in what I have learned here.

My spiritual experience this week. Well, you know how I like the little things, here it is. We went to pass by an investigator we have for church yesterday. Of course, I had the questions of what if he's not there? What excuses will he have, etc. As we walked to his house, these things were running through my mind. My companion noticed, tapped me on the shoulder, smiling, reminding me to keep a smile on my face. Something little I know, but it's those spiritual times when I remember that I'm a servant of the Lord.

This week was good. We worked, and worked, and worked. Did what we could and tried multiple new ways of working, etc. Tracting is alright, but you wouldn't believe how many people say the exact thing over and over again. Always telling us how they don't have time, while sitting watching the TV, etc. I had to learn to laugh about it a long time ago.

How is the house with everyone gone? That summer flew by!! I remember when I had my summers and they seemed like forever. Now, with my missionary mind, it's two changes. which goes like two days. Well dear, thank you for all your emails and I loooved the pictures. That baby is a princess! Have a good week for me ok!
Love you, Elder Warner

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