Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, August 15, 2011

Semana 2 - BAPTISM!

¡Buenos Días! How are you all? Well, we had a good week as you can see with a baptism. This is 16 year old cezar that we are super excited for. This kid always has a smile on and is always animated to listen about the gospel. His parents are both members but are inactive of some years. We had a really good baptism service with both of his parents there, little brother, sister and aunt. He has been going to all the activities and church so we're really excited to see his progression.

This week we did a lot more contacting. Through prayer, we were able find the areas we need to contact and brought a 16 year old girl, who we had at church yesterday. I imagine this week we will be continuing knocking doors. I found out that we have zone conference on Wednesday and it caught me off suprise, it felt like we just barely had the last one. I love zone conferences - being with the Mission President and his wife, the food she brings us, and especially the advice and teachings we learn, so I'm really excited. My companion is doing really well, he is still in the people-shy stage so I'm trying to warm him up. I went on divisions with the district leader and he went with the companion of the district leader who doesnt know Spanish, so my companion had to do all the talking - it cracked his shell open a little and is slowly getting there.

Yesterday I studied in a book I'm reading, about the Sacrament before we went to church. What I learned made the meeting something it has never been for me. I recapped that we take of the Sacrament weekly because our natural minds are forgetful. Unfortunately at times we forget our Savior as well. "Remembering is the seed of gratitude." We have always had this seed planted in our lives, at times we just forget to water and nourish it. I loved what I learned about one of the greatest significances of the Sacrament- "The sacrament is a time when we not only remember the Savior, but we match our life against that of the Great Exemplar. It is a time to put aside all self-deception; it is a time of absolute sublime truth. All excuses, all facades must fall by the wayside, allowing our spirit, as it really is, to commune Spirit to Spirit with our Father. At this moment we become our own judge, contemplating what our life really is and what it really should be" it talks about how it is one of the most important moments of meditation in each of our weeks. Which is very true - the author wrote, "I could imagine that if we could see the heavenly barometer that reads and records the secret thoughts of each person during this holy ordinance, we would have a pretty good measure of the spirituality of that person". There is such a powerful meaning to the Sacrament that we take of each week. When we teach people about the Sabbath day, we teach that we only go to the church for 1 reason - because we can pray, learn and sing anywhere, but the sacred ordinance of the Sacrament can only be done in the church.
Love you all,
Elder Warner

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