Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Letter from the MTC!

(This letter came as a form letter that they give all of the missionaries to write a quick note home after they arrive there. We got this on the Saturday after we dropped him off. Those were long days waiting for the first word of our son!)

Dear family,
Never wonder if I am okay. You know whose Hands I am in. This is wonderful. I know I am not wasting a minute of my time. If you feel like you need to worry about something, worry about my Spanish. I am the only one in mu district who hasn't taken two years of Spanish! This work is true, take my promise for that. I haven't felt nervous or scared about anything. Don't take my lack of tears when we said Good-bye personal. I have been too excited to even think about the fact that I won't be seeing any of you for two years. I feel like I have been here a week, which could be a good thing? But I dunno. Everyone says time picks up after Sunday. It's kinda like an all day Seminary class with provided meals. I know I am supposed to be here, though. I can't wait until the actual mission! Time is limited. Don't worry about me. I can pray in Spanish. Just a simple primary prayer. Tell everyone that I love them, ya know - like Dewey and Tenchu. Oh, and my family! y amor la familia, with you.
Elder Warner

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