Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, February 21, 2011

Transfer to Cienega de Flores

¡¿Como Estan?! I'm in an awesome transfer I'll give some details and answer some of your questions, like for the food - yes, very different. I wait until im done eating to ask what it was. Last week I found out I just consumed a lovely chicken foot. And I swear one of the meals was some sort of cat hyde. But the people are so generous to feed us so what is to complain about. No, I haven't gotten sick, yet. We have lunch at members homes at 2 then work from 3 til 9. I'm about an hour out of my last area in a town called Cienega de Flores. It's about ten miles long so we have bikes. Really small bikes. My compa, he is legit. He is from Lima, Peru. Yes, only spanish. His accent is sooo much easier to understand than the Mexican accent so I got very lucky. The work, we are very, very, very busy. The majority of the nights last week I have fallen asleep while saying my prayers. It takes about an hour to bike to the areas, we have 3 different areas of work. Our home is cool, well it's hot, but you know what I mean. None of the houses have heat or a.c. they usually warm up inside around 2 pm and cool down around 10 pm. Yes, we do have a shower, well I don't know if thats what you would call it. The sink produces more water flow, and I think is warmer haha. My feelings - tired, and satisfied. For pics I'll start labeling, last week was a batch of onions on the road, so I was pretending to cry. Lame, I know. But it's my missionary humor. This week I have a photo of the entrance of C.d.F. and the Church. and the Font, you'll love it. The church is a very small, what used to be, house. We don't have a ward, because there is not enough people and priesthood to fill a ward, so, it's called a Roma. The font is out side in a what looks like, large hot tub, except for not hot, or warm for that matter. Ok, it's freezing, I'm just trying to stay away from any sign of complaint. I have a baptism scheduled for next Sunday, that I will explain further in next weeks email.

Til then, love you all.
- Elder Warner

Elder Warner outside his new area, Cienega de Flores. Note the size of his bike!

LDS Rama (Branch)

Baptismal font behind church building in Cienega de Flores

These shoes tell a story after a long day of tracting!


  1. This is the coolest thing that I have seen in a long time. I served my mission in the Mexico Monterrey North mission and I was one of the original missionaries to open the Cienga De Flores area back in 1997. I helped to put the roof on the church and we had the first baptisms in that exact font about 14 years ago. It hasn't changed at all. Thank you for the pictures! WOW! Brings back awesome memories.

  2. If there is anymore information that you have on Cienega de Flores I would love to hear. My email address is

    James Dickson