Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 16, 2012

Week Two in Las Puentes

Hey Fam and Friends!  What a week over here. How was yours?
I finally pulled out the camera. Here's my companion and I by a tree we always walk under. I think its funny 'cause I basically have to do the limbo and he just walks right under.
We've picked up the slack on talking with everyone in the street. It's easy to fall in to customs to focus on the appointments you have or the places you're going and forget about all the people around you.Well, there were a lot of events this last week. I'll focus on one of them that really helped me. It was good to receive a phone call from the bishop asking if we could speak in church.  As you could guess we spoke on missionary work.  Our ward has been on a slight decline for a bit so I prayed hard to know what I could talk on to help them out a little. I found a talk in the Liahona (Ensign) titled "What is worth it?"  It shares a few experiences of following spiritual impressions and sharing the Gospel. I focused a lot on how fortunate we are to have this gift and helping each of our lives to guide us to others, in whom we can change their lives.  Also, I felt the need to share one of my favorite bible stories in John 21. In this chapter, it talks about Christ's Disciples as they went out to fish.  How these men are literal fisherman that know everything about fishing, the time, location, temperature, etc. and one morning they come back from a long night of fishing.  But they all came back to shore with empty nets.  When they got to shore, they saw a man that they did not recognize.  This man (being a carpenter) told them to go back out and cast their nets to the right side and they would find fish (as if it were some random person off the street telling one of you how to manage your business you have professioned, you would think that person is crazy) but they went back out and cast their nets.  The results were that after the nets were so heavy, that they couldn't even lift them in the boat and had to drag it to shore.  When they arrived back to shore they saw this Man with some sticks and fire ready to cook for them.  They knew from the miracle that this Person was the Savior. Christ began to talk with one of the Disciples named Peter asking him a profound question, "Peter, do you love me?" He responded, "yes of course". Christ then tells him 'feed my sheep'. Christ continues to look at him and repeats the question, "Peter, do you love me?" He answers, "You know I love you Lord." "Then feed my sheep". At this point Peter feels unsure and a little puzzled. Christ then asks him one last time, "Peter, do you love me?" He responds, "Lord you know all, and you know I love you." Then the Savior profoundly states, "then feed my sheep".  I noticed in this that the Lord doesn't say, "if thou loves me, go to church or mutual". (even though they are very important) but rather that Peter shares the Gospel with all. This is so crucial and essential for the Savior that we can share what we have with our brothers and sisters.
This helped me a lot to realize that just as we have our prize possessions, ipods, laptops, who knows what, just as Peter and the other Disciples most prized possessions were fish. And Christ looked at them and asked if they loved Him more than their most prized possession.  It's the exact same with us. Do we love Him more than what He has blessed us with? But actually think about the question.  I Love this work. I know it's the most important thing I could ever be doing. And I know it's true.
I love you all, Elder Warner

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