Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 23, 2012

So busy!

Hey Everyone!! Have you ever heard me say that this was the fastest week ever? My week was great! As you heard a little busy! I can't even remember my name. Well, excuse my lack of details and explanation. I'm still here in the same area. I will be here another 2 months because I'm sending my comp home and I will have to be here to guide the next missionary that comes to this area. Then I will go to a new place for my last change.  
Well, last week we had our leadership meeting Wednesday and Thursday. Normally, it's the first week of changes but with the new President and all, it was postponed. In which we were also informed that we have Zone conference on Tuesday, which has allowed us 3 days to plan for it. Or in other words, today's preparation day is dedicated to hurry and get this thing planned.

The meeting was really awesome, and as you can guess a lot different with a new President. What I liked most about it, is that President is still new and hardly knows anything about the mission. He is expected to arrive here and base any and everything on what the Spirit guides him to do. We were able to help out with fixing and adjusting new mission rules. Basically everything is the same with just a few new ideas.  I'll inform you all next week on how it went. For this week, I ask if you can pray for Hermano Viviano, and Hermanita Naomi.
Thanks all, I love you!  Elder Warner

Mom, I am so excited for the Salt Lake mission news. I love hearing that it is picking up so quickly!!!  So exciting!! Those goals are awesome. That's really good they are challenging you all to share the Gospel. We all need to be part of it!!!  How was it with the sister missionaries?!?  I want to cook for the missionaries when I get back!!!  That's always been my dream to have dinner with them. As for now, sorry, I'm on the run. I want you to know I love you to death.  Keep smiling! Bry

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