Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, July 9, 2012

First week in new area - Las Puentes!

Buenos Dias Todos!!  How is everyone doing?? How was your 4th of July?! 

Well, mine applies a little with transfers. Maybe you remember last year when I sent home a picture of us 4 missionaries on the roof watching fireworks from Texas?  In the picture there is a little chaparito Mexicano.  He's my new companion!  We were able to spend another 4th of July together here in Las Puentes.  They're having me send him home as well. Which means I will be in this area another 3 months.  This week went really well with him, I'll tell you a little about him:  He's from a place called Oaxaca (pronounced Wu-hacka) he as well, is 21 and has 5 weeks left on the mission.  He has 5 brothers.  His dad passed away when he was 7 and he's excited to see his family in a little bit. He worked before for a fruit industry cutting bananas from trees.  The food they eat is insane. He says they have quarter size ants and grasshoppers that they eat as the meal. And they love it. As you get the hint, it's a little more humble over there. He's a humble, animated guy, and we're ready to send him off strong.  Other than that this week, we had mini interviews with the new President! They seem like really great people. President has had a lot of experience with missions serving his own and another with his wife in a foreign country. His wife is really nice, she seems a little nervous with the Spanish but she can bear a strong testimony in the language.

As for the holiday I had a few little experiences that helped me remember how blessed we are.  Last Monday, when I was with my young men companion, we were at his house and as his dad left for work, they had a family prayer.  In the prayer, they expressed their gratitude to live in a country where it is permitted to worship God.  Later on, I read an email from my Aunt as well, expressing her gratitude for the freedom of the country we (you all) live in. (She is the wife of a veteran).  Shortly after, we ate with a member who shared with us that before, "Mormons" couldn't get many of the jobs from their religion.   It all helped me remember how grateful I am to be able to pray without worrying if I will be persecuted as it was before. I'm grateful that now, nearly all the companies search for members of this church to be their employees. And I'm grateful for this free country. I pay honors to my Uncle Doug for this day for fighting for what we all have.   We're very fortunate. You all live in a dang good place, realize it.  I love you all and wish the best of this upcoming week!

Elder Warner

Saying farewell to his wonderful Mission Presidents - President and Sister Romney.

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