Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week Two In Acuna, Mexico

HEY EVERYONE! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I had to check a few times if it really was already this week. Man, it came up fast! Well, we have had another amazing week here in Acuña. Things are going well and I'm starting to get to know a few of the members and the area is seeming a little more familiar. This week the district leader went to Monclova for training meeting so we did a lot of "trio companionshipping" it was actually pretty fun. We tried to spice things up on greeting aproaches, one of the most liked was when we asked if we could sing Chrismas hyms in our contacts.
Well, I am really excited for this week. They still havent let us know exactly what we're doing but all I know is on Friday, we are going to Monclova with all the missionaries there and all the missionaries in Piedras Negras.

For this special weeks email I just want to share a few of the words I wrote a year ago on Christmas in the MTC:
"I want to bear testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that without Jesus Christ, there is no plan for us, no purpose. He is central to Gods plan. I am here serving this mission becuase of Gods plan, because we can return with our families forever. I would not be here if it were not for Jesus Christ. He was sent to complete God's plan. I know that Jesus is central to the plan. I know that Jesus was sent to this earth to suffer and die for our sins and if it were that we could not repent for our sins, we could in no way return with our Heavenly Father and our familes again. I know that Christ was the only one willing and who could endure the pains in which he knew he would endure when he accepted this plan in the Pre-Mortal Life. I testify of the Atonement and the burden it literally lifts from your shoulders. I prepare myself and those in Mexico for the second coming of our Savior. I know he lives and he loves each and every one of us".
Let us all remember the true, sacred meaning of this holiday.
Man, I even miss eggnog. Elder Warner

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