Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 6 in Mexico

¡Buenos Tardes! ¿Como estan? How was your week? We had an up and down week. I'll give the dirt first, then shine it up. We found a guy in his 30´s named Carlos that we taught a few times and he later committed to baptism. We went to pick him up for church and he wasn't there. So we went to another investigators house. His name is Mario, 8 years old. We picked him up and headed to church. We dropped him off at home after and taught his aunt who was there. We left with both having a baptism date for yesterday. We went to teach him more later in the week and his mom shut us down. She didn't want him baptized. We dropped him, and went to see what was up with Carlos and he wasn't interested anymore. Also our bikes broke down, so we're all foot, which literally translates in to I have blisters inside blisters. For the good news, we were able to go to the temple! As always it was an awesome experience. What we do for that is trade for P-day. So Monday is just another regular day, but Wednesday we wake up at 4:00 a.m. and head to the temple as a zone. After the temple we all went to the city of Monterrey, at a historic site of metal making. It was pretty legit. That about sums up the week. I'm going to start giving little facts about Monterrey every week.
Fact: Here, if you have some form of car, you're legit. If you have a car that starts within the first 10 tries, you're high class.
Answers to your Questions: We receive our letters and packages every 6 weeks when there is an exchange. Yes, we are in more of a poor area. We only get to watch the Priesthood session of conference. An average day is wake up 6:30, work out till 7, get ready, study at 8 until 9, comp study from 9 til 10, language study 10 til 11. Then go to work. Usually contacting in the area of lunch until lunch. Afterward, we go to appointments if we have them, if not we contact. So far we have contacted 2 sectors. Each sector has near 1,000 houses. About 1/6 are unoccupied houses. We leave for home on foot at 8:15. Return home by 9.
I love you all, have a good week! Elder Warner

Elder Warner and his companion, Elder Zegarra, at the Monterrey Temple

Visiting the historic site of metal making


Typical Bryan...

Street of houses where Bryan lives

Bathroom before cleaning after they moved in…
… and after a lot of hard work and cleaning!

THEN: Anyone that knows Bryan knows that he is an avid bike rider and bike fanatic. Who else would take photo shots of his bike at the same location that they take wedding pictures? (below). His white Ford Mustang was history after he purchased this white rimmed, leather-seated, powder-blue beauty. He rode it everywhere before his mission - even to work across town to Thatcher Chemical and to SLCC (with a little help from TRAX). It is locked up in his bedroom so if any of us get a whim to ride it while he is gone, it's impossible! We can't help but smile at his current mode of transportation below. Loving it! 
All is well and no complaints from Elder Warner.

NOW: Bryan’s current mode of transportation. In his words: “Here she is. Comes with worn out break pads and tires that deflate every six hours. Beautiful!”

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