Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Mexico, Monterrey West Mission

Monday, May 30, 2011

Transfer 3, Week 4

Hola! How are you all?  We had a good week, it flew by. We have found 2 people through references that we have been working with this week.  They both are hesitant on baptism.  They both want to learn more before they make any decisions.  Which is good because they are actually looking at the importance of it, but it can have a down side as well 'cause it's hard to make a goal and may not turn out.  Either way we're helping them grow in the Gospel so its even.  Other than that, we have almost contacted out our area so we talked with the bishop to see how we can work with members better and he's going to call a Mission leader in our ward this week.  So we're hoping that will help this area out.  We got to 45 grados this week which is 113 degrees.  It was legit.  Oh yeah, and my companion got hit by a car on Saturday.  I usually leave these "Mexico facts" out but its sad how many people you see driving with a beer in their hand.  So this guy totally swerved into my companion when we were on our way home about 9:10 P.M.  Luckily he was only going about ten miles an hour.  But he hit him and just kept driving for about a quarter mile until the car in front of him stopped.  The cops got there and arrested him and took off. So he spent Saturday night in the hospital with a few bruises on his leg and foot.  I left him there with the Zone leader because we had 2 investigators that were coming to church.  So  Sunday morning  I called a sister in the ward for a ride so her 2 sons, with one holding the Priesthood, showed up at my house and the car was filled with this Mexican gang of one of the brothers, so I hopped in and stared out the window until we got to church.  Only one of the investigators showed but she has a goal for her baptism next week so we're praying.  That's my week until this point.  Hope all is well.  We have zone conference this week! I'm super excited so I'll let you know how it went next week. - Elder Warner

"This was a tarantula was off the street. Meaning yeah, I have learned patience, diligence, perseverance and all that, but the one thing that my mission has changed in my life is overcoming my fear of spiders, haha. 
Here's proof!"
(Editor's note:  This is indeed a milestone!  Bryan used to call for us to remove garden spiders off his bedroom wall at home.  Scared to death of them!)

"Writing on the wall says that the house is for sale with the door bricked up. 
I dunno, to me it was funny."

There are always wild chickens running around in the houses we teach in.

My companion and I at the hospital, after he was hit by a car on our way home from tracting.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Humble Blessings

Humble little Rama (Branch) in Cienega de Flores
(previous area)

Hey everyone! So right now I'm in the offices in Monterrey. We had Stake Conference yesterday and the Mission President was there so we got a ride back to Monterrey with him. 4 hours! Half the time of the bus. Anyway, but I'm here for P-day cause I have to sign for my visa saying I'm really here. So this email will be brief cause we have to run but you asked about if I miss my last area, home, people etc. Here is my answer. I sat in our new church with a ward the other week and thought how much I miss my house of prayer with the Rama. In that air conditioned building, I thought about how much I miss the primary-sized Sacrament room with us all using the hymn books to vent our faces from the heat. I thought about the people, the outside bathrooms and baptismal font. I thought about the first day I saw that building and thought it was a joke, and how the last time I saw it, it felt like my home. For the people, it all happened so quick. They were the hardest to leave, but I'll see a lot of them before my mission is over. My companion, the last few weeks I have realized the things I took for advantage, the things I didnt notice at that time. but I learned a lot from it, I miss him a lot. Our house, well our new house has security, air condition and water pressure in the shower. I'll throw more facts in next week but for now I'm out. I hope everyone is doing awesome! love you - elder warner

Monday, May 16, 2011

Transfer to Piedras Negras! (by the Rio Grande River on the Mexican-American border)

Hey Hey! Well its here, transfers! I got the call Monday night saying I'm out, and my comp is staying and being put with a greenie. My closet was my suitcase in my last area so it was easy to pack up, get a few hours of sleep and head out early. We got to the transfer site around 8, said bye to the Elders that their next transfer was home, and waited for my bus at 11. Left Monterrey about 11:15, got at my area - Piedras Negras, at 730 P.M. Yes, 730 p.m. A nice 8 hour bus ride. But we did get a break in between when they stopped us and searched our suitcases for drugs. I'm in a small(er) area. It literally goes to the river of the border of Texas (photo of our area map). I'd take a picture but I'm in more of a, dont walk around with anything of value, kind of area. My comp is awesome. I've been put as the senior companion with him. He's been working hard. He goes home in 2 months. I've talked with 3 people who only know English this week, and a lot of the people here cross the border to Texas everyday to go to work. I bought a bike, her name is the morada massacre. Thats about it for this week. I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all. Elder Warner

Well dad, I think this will be one of my hardest transfers. The Mission President called me last Monday before we found out about transfers. He told me he wants to put me as a senior companion to an Elder that has 2 transfers left. I have been pretty stressed this week having the responsibility of being a rookie on my 3rd transfer and put as a senior companion. The Pres. said he has confidence in me to do this, so that gets me through the days easier.
Hope to hear from you soon, Elder Warner jr.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello! we had a better week. We found some more people, kind of. So last week in our district meeting, our district leader put a goal that on every lesson we teach to someone, invite them to baptism. So we did this all week and called the week with 3 dates for May 8th. One of them is an mid age lady who attends some kind of church near her house. We taught her 3 lessons and she was progressing pretty well, but her biggest challenge is getting permission from her pastor and congregation to attend another church. So in other words she called Sunday morning right before we were going to pick her up and said she had "family problems". Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, who knows. The other is a cousin of inactive members we found from a reference. We only taught him one lesson but had his date. He didn't show for church due to something with his girlfriend. The other is way legit. his name is Miguel Angel. He has 16 years, laid back. He was a reference from past missionaries to give him another shot. We taught him all the lessons and got him to church with us. He has a baptism date for next week. Other than that all is good, still adjusting to this whole everything to be honest but we're almost there. This is the only pic I have for this week so forgive me. A glimpse of my area.

Mexico fact: a lot of people put their dogs on their roof for some reason, so when your contacting and think its raining, its just dog drool.

Thank you for everything. I hope you all have a good week!  
Love, Elder Warner